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Contact Information

Holiday Session

  • Snacks Available
  • 08:00 until 17:45
  • Early Bird Booking: £27.00 per session
  • £30.00 per session
  • Early Bird rates apply to bookings made 20 days before the start of the holiday club and have a £3.00 saving.
  • Please note pocket money and additional costs apply on certain dates, please see club programme for more information

11 Plus Holiday Club

We are delighted to be reopening 11 Plus this Summer Holiday for 3 days a week! We will be running on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thusdays. Programme to be published soon. Booking form will be online soon but in the meantime, please contact our office if you would like your child to attend. Thank you to everyone who replied to our questionnaire. We will monitor how well 11 Plus gets on over the summer 4 weeks before deciding whether we are able to run it again during the other Holiday Clubs.

Running alongside the Moordown Holiday Club, the 11 Plus Group is unique in offering a low key supervision environment, enabling young people to develop their confidence, independence and social skills. We organise a variety of activities to promote this and encourage young people to be involved in deciding how their day should run.

Regular events include bowling, trips to Littledown, the cinema, the beach and ice-skating at the BIC. On site activities include, art, drama and dance days, cookery days and sport activities. Young people can also enjoy just meeting up with old and new friends, chatting, playing games, listening to music, watching DVDs and generally hanging out together.

Young people attending 11 Plus can bring mobile phones and other electronic devices. We believe that this is an ideal time and environment for discussion around safe use of such devices. Club Staff working with the 11 Plus Group are aware of E-safety guidelines and are able to share that knowledge with the group. Together we will define clear rules for sensible use of mobile phones and electronic devices during Club time and in general.

The 11 Plus Group is a great place for young people moving from primary to senior school. It offers a safe space for them to be as they navigate the journey to a higher degree of independence and decision making. It is also an amazingly fun place to be and definitely beats any of that holiday boredom.

BICYCLES AND SCOOTERS: If you bring your bike or scooter, please ensure you have a helmet and padlock. An area of the play area is sectioned off for the use of bikes and scooters.


Where to find us