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Booking Forms

How To Book

First step is to fill out a Registration Form.


A regular booking guarantees your place, is paid for in advance and automatically carries over to the next month,the next term and will continue until you notify our Office in writing of any changes.


  • Your place is guaranteed.
  • Regular standing orders can be set up.
  • Your childcare costs are averaged out over the year.
  • Invoices can be used to support Childcare Tax Credit Awards.

These bookings are taken from the information that you give us when filling out your Registration Form. Cancellations or any permanent changes have to be made in writing to the Club Office via the contact us tab on our website or via our admin email address by the 16th of each month, your change will be effective from the 1st of the following month.

If something unexpected crops up, you can, subject to availability, change one of your booked days to another day within the same week or simply add a day. This can be done by contacting your Club Manager during Club opening times. Please note our weekly attendance registers are checked and additional sessions recorded on our invoicing system at the end of each week so it is not possible to swap sessions from one week to the next.


We will still need you to fill out a Registration Form and pay the Registration Fee. A casual booking is subject to availability, must be paid for in advance and can only be made in the current month. To book contact your Club Manager during Club opening times. Try and give us 24 hrs notice where possible if we are already full we will be able to let you know!

Please note casual bookings should only be used on an occasional basis, they are time consuming to process; our aim being to keep our administrative costs to an absolute minimum. If we observe that casual after school or breakfast club sessions are being taken on a regular basis we will ask you to convert to a regular booking.


We try our best to accommodate parents who work changing shift patterns, your best option is to discuss your particular needs directly with our Office. If you are given your shifts a month in advance and can tell us what you want by the 16th and if there is space, we enter your requirements on our system and guarantee the space.

Next best thing is to make a regular booking for a certain number of days each week and then swap the days within each week to suit your needs. (see above for details)

The least reliable option is to make casual bookings each week.

How to make a booking for Holiday Club.

It is important to us to get your bookings right! There are a number of ways you can submit your booking.

  1. Via the website booking form.
  2. Via our admin email.

Holiday Club bookings are taken on a first come first served basis. Our opening times are posted on the website and on the After School Club Notice board. Trip days are popular and get booked up early so if you want one of these days book as early as possible.

Once a booking form has been completed we will acknowledge your booking by email with the total cost of the holiday club. In order for that booking to be accepted we will require a non-refundable 50% deposit within 4 days to prevent your place being reallocated. If you do not receive this email within a few days just give us to a call just in case it did not come through. You will then receive an invoice from us which will show the remaining balance and the due date.


The Club has to be sustained entirely through the fees that we collect. The most effective way of helping us achieve this is by ensuring that you comply with our guidelines and Terms and Conditions which have been written specifically to support this aim.


We don't want you to pay late fees, however a £30 fee is automatically added to your account if the pay by date stated on your invoice is exceeded. Be one step ahead and pay your invoice as soon as you get it. Term time invoices are sent out by email by the 21st of each month and payment must be made by the 3rd of the next month at the very latest. If for any reason you don't get an invoice it is your responsibility to get in touch without delay. We don't send out reminders, we only get in touch when the pay by date has passed and the late fee is added!) If you are stuggling to pay your invoice please get in touch with the Club office as soon possible.


When you have received your invoice you will be able to pay by:

  • Electronic Bank Transfer. (see invoice email for bank details and your personal payment reference number)
  • Cash on site or at the office. (Please bring exact amount as change cannot be given)
  • Childcare Vouchers. (Please contact the office.)


Please note the above information has been written to help you through our booking and payment procedures and should be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions which are sent out with each invoice.