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Contact Information

Holiday Session

  • Snacks Available
  • 08:00 until 17:45
  • Earlybird On-Site: £27.00 per session
  • On-Site: £30.00 per session
  • Earlybird Trip Day: £30.50 per session
  • Trip Day: £33.50 per session

Holiday Club

Please note Holiday Club runs from our Moordown site only.

We will be running with our Under 8s and Over 8s groups again but siblings are able to stay together if they prefer.

We are delighted to be running 11 Plus again this Summer Holiday for 3 days a week. For more details please refer to 11 Plus page or 11 plus programme . To book please use 11 plus booking form.

The Club is divided into 3 age related groups.

● Under 8s
● Over 8s
● 11 Plus

We hope that this enables us to offer a more age appropriate programme, thereby fulfilling your children’s play expectations. The Groups come together on many occasions too, for free play, lunch, parties and some outings, our Panto trip for example.

On Arrival

When you come into Club, you and your child/ren will be greeted by a member of the team who will ask you to sign your child in and welcome them to the session. The boards in the reception area will highlight the activities that your child will be participating in on that day/week. Please sign your child’s name in the book and the Playworker looking after your group will take your child into the play area and help them settle in (especially on their first day). Please check if there is an additional permission form for face painting for example. If you have any queries or have additional information to give us please let us know.

General Information

Cost: Early bookings help us to plan more exciting trips and activities and we would like to encourage you to take advantage of our Early Bird rate. Any booking made 20 days or less, prior to the start date of the Holiday Club will be £3.00 above the Early Bird price. (See fees table above.)Please note the office hours are between 9.00 and 14.00 and therefore we would need to receive an email or booking before 14.00 of the last early bird day.

Times: Holiday Club, 8.00am – 5.45 pm. (Breakfast is served between 8.00am and 8.30 am at no extra cost). Children can arrive & depart at any time during the day except trip days when we ask that children arrive no later than 9.00am & parents should liaise with Club Leader regarding estimated collection times. On many trips we are booked in at a particular time that we have to strictly adhere to. Arriving late can mean that we miss our booking altogether. We cannot give refunds for late arrivals where the minibus has already left for the trip destination.

Trip Days and Onsite Workshops: Admission charges on trip days and for workshops will be extra if applicable. (See trip day/activity information by clicking on Next Holiday Programme.)


Our policy is to continually improve and expand the service we provide to you and your children, especially over the holiday periods. The programme for each holiday is carefully planned to ensure that there is a choice of interesting activities to suit all children. We appreciate that your child is an individual and make every effort to ensure that there is something for everyone. More details on the programme for each holiday will be available prior to the start of each holiday and are also posted on our web site. We provide am and pm snacks consisting of fruit and fruit juice. BUT PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH BOX.

Mobile Phones and other electronic devices for Under 8s and Over 8s:

Having given careful consideration to their use at Club we have decided that all electronic devices, should not be brought in for the following reasons:

● Children are losing expensive games or attachments. This causes disruption as staff are forced to suspend what they are doing with children in order to search for such items. We also seek to avoid a situation where children and their parents are frustrated and disappointed when we are unsuccessful in our efforts to trace these items.
● Children refusing to turn them off or arguing with each other about them.
● Conflict with the Club vision, which is to encourage and enable children to play and interact with other children.

We thank you for your help and co-operation with regard to this matter and hope that you appreciate that these measures are in place to ensure a consistent approach to all children attending the Club.

(Please note the above conditions do not apply to the 11 Plus Group. The 11 Plus staff will discuss E-Safety and Club expectations with regards to electronic devices with children.)

Bicycles & Scooters

If your child wishes to bring their bike or scooter, please ensure they have a helmet and padlock. An area of the playground is designated for the use of bikes and scooters.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Where to find us