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Terms and Conditions

General Information

The Out of School Club provides After School activities for children aged 4 to 11 years in a safe, secure and happy environment, supervised by professional, experienced staff. The varied programme includes arts and crafts, outside games, team games, drama and educational activities. Wherever possible a quiet area is set aside where children can spend time on homework, reading or resting. By signing the Registration Form, you will be consenting to your child participating in these activities or to Trip Days. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of our programme and activities. You are able to do this by looking at our programme on our website or posted up on site. We occasionally take photographs of activities, which may include your child. These photos are not published but may be displayed at Club. You may opt out of any activity or Trip Day or photographs, by requesting in writing.

Children are supervised by Club Staff at all times during Club hours, until they are collected by their parent (or named substitute). The parent/carer must give WRITTEN permission if they wish a child to go home unaccompanied or with an unauthorised third party. In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to give verbal permission by telephone; however the child will only be released if the Club Staff can be confident of the identity of both the caller and the person collecting. The After School Club session starts when school ends and finishes at 5.45pm with the doors being locked at 6.00pm during normal school days. Persons collecting children should be aware that premises have to be vacated on time and beyond 6.00pm additional operating costs may be incurred such as school Site Manager and Club Staff wages, plus phone calls etc. We reserve the right to charge £20.00 per hour or part hour or alternatively to pass all extra costs on should the need arise. If a late pick up is unavoidable it is critical that the Club is contacted otherwise we are obliged to inform Social Services ½ an hour after Club closing time.

The Holiday Club is open at 8.45am (8.00am for Breakfast Club) and closes at 5.45pm with the doors being locked at 6.00pm. The Club is not responsible for children dropped off at the Club before our published opening hours. Children must be signed in and out by the person bringing them to the Club. Children may be dropped off or picked up from the Club at any time between these hours unless it is a Trip Day. On Trip Days we ask that children arrive no later than 9.00am and parents should liaise with Club Leader for trip day collection time. Your invoice will indicate which days are Trip Days.

Children eligible to join the Out of School Club are: - From 4 year olds, up to and including 7 year olds. Children 8 and over are also eligible providing their care does not adversely affect under 8’s. There is no obligation for the Club to provide ongoing care for children who display a regular pattern of disrespect for Club expectations. Places can be booked for regular use on one or more days per week OR subject to available places occasional/one off bookings may be made by contacting the Club Leader prior to the start of that session. Further information on booking and payments can be found on our website.

Under the terms of our registration with Ofsted we comply with the recommendations for Safeguarding/Child Protection as laid out in the Children’s Act 1989 and 2004. For further information please refer to our Policy Documents

Club Fees and Payments

Registration fee £20.00 per family per year, payable at time of registration, and reviewed annually. Your registration will only remain valid for a period of one year from the date you were originally invoiced providing your fee payments are not overdue and that you have given the required period of notice. (See item 4 below) You will be required to re-register if these conditions are not met.

Attendance Fees are payable per child per session. Fees are only waived if a child is absent from After School Club due to hospitalisation. If the School does not operate for any other reason fees invoiced are still due. If for any other reason you choose not to use a particular session, the fees are still due, however you will still need to advise your Club Leader that you are not using us in order to eliminate looking for lost children.

You can pre-book your sessions by contacting the Club Organisers or your Club Leader; an invoice will be raised which will be confirmation of your booking. Any discrepancy on the invoice regarding booked sessions must be brought to the organiser’s attention before the payment due date of the invoice.

By pre-booking sessions your place will be reserved for your exclusive use. You will be invoiced monthly in advance via email for the sessions originally booked. You should check your invoice to ensure that the information and days booked are entered correctly and please contact the office immediately should there be any error.

Your booking will automatically be carried over into the next month and the new term unless we are advised in writing to the contrary by the 16th of the month. Holiday Club places are guaranteed on receipt of a non-refundable 50% deposit. For both Holiday and After School places the full fee due must be received at the Club Office no later than the date stated on the invoice in order for your child to be entered on the register. No refunds can be made on cancellations at this stage. Please pay particular attention to paying your invoice on time in order to avoid being charged a late payment fee. In the event of non-payment your place may be offered to another family. If children have been removed from the register they cannot be accepted into the Club and will remain at School to await collection.

Cheques now attract a £0.75 fee, however there are a number of alternative payment options available, to find out more please get in touch with the Club Office. All payments need to be identifiable. Please use your unique family number found on your invoice email for this purpose.

Places booked must be paid for unless the Club Organiser is contacted in writing and subsequently agrees to waive the fee. We are obliged by law to disclose accurate details to the Inland Revenue of the childcare provided to Parents or Carers who are claiming Working Tax Credit Child Care element. We therefore strongly advise that you ensure that your claim to the Tax office matches the childcare we supply to you.


Sickness Absence, Accidents, First Aid and Emergency

If a child becomes ill during a Club session, every attempt will be made to contact one of the people listed on the Registration Form to arrange collection of the sick child. The child will be cared for until collected.

In case of a minor accident, basic First Aid will be administered. The parent will be asked to sign the Accident Form on collecting the child. In case of an accident requiring more than basic First Aid, every attempt will be made to contact the parent/legal carer to advise or discuss with him/her the course of action to be taken.


PLEASE NOTE: Our Ofsted Regulations state we have a duty of care to enter existing injuries on an Accident/Incident Form, ensuring two members of staff sign and date this and the form is shown to the parent/carer to sign on collection of their child.

The Club cannot accept any child to attend a session, unless the parent/carer or person with parental responsibility fully completes and signs the Registration Form, pays the Registration Fee and the first month’s fee. This process is our confirmation that our Terms and Conditions have been accepted. The Club accepts no liability for children’s property whilst attending the Club sessions. Accidents, emergencies and other incidents judged to be significant are entered on the Accident/Incident Form. Where Club needs to communicate with person with parental responsibility for less significant events these will be recorded on the back of the child’s Registration Form. The Club is registered with Ofsted as a provider of childcare on the Early Years and Childcare Registers providing supervised activities for children for a period of 2 or more hours per day. We comply with the conditions under the terms of our registration with Ofsted and our own Policy Documents. A copy of our Policy Documents, the Ofsted Registration Certificate and Insurance Certificate are displayed at all Club settings.