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Contact Information

  • Club Leader

    Dalia Taki

  • Club Mobile

    07598 330861
    (From 15:00 onwards)

St James'

St James' opened November 2014 and is located in a year 1 classroom. It can be accessed from the rear gate at Spurgeon Road.

We have access all year round to the playground for team games such as, crocodile-crocodile, the sharks, dodge ball and free play with scooters, footballs, tennis and much more.

We provide a healthy snack, consisting of fruit, toast, fruit juice or milk during the session.

We have theme related activities for the children to participate in, including art & craft, cookery, games, sport, drama & music. Children are able to choose which activity they would like to do. They are able to play freely using our equipment and materials. We encourage outdoor play every day.


Breakfast Session

  • Breakfast Provided
  • 07:30 until Start Of School
  • Regular: £6.55 per session
  • Non-Regular: £7.55 per session

After School Session

  • Snacks Available
  • End of School until 17:45
  • Regular : £14.25 per session
  • Non-Regular: £15.40 per session
  • EYFS Children: £15.20 per session

Where to find us