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Contact Information

  • Club Leader

    Maithily Thayananthan

  • Club Mobile

    07732 127731
    (From 14:45 onwards)

Moordown St Johns

Held in the Music Studio, within Moordown St Johns School, is Moordown St Johns 115 Club

Moordown St Johns Club is proud to present, a welcoming environment, where children are content

There's cookery, drama, games and painting, and cutting and sticking and glueing and making.

There's a table for doing homework, and a reading corner too, and plenty of themed activities for your child to sit and do.

And when the end of term approaches, and the school's staff all go home, it's time for Moordown Holiday Club to open on its own.

During the school holidays, we choose exciting themes, including the opportunity for children to work in teams.

We go out on organised trips, normally twice a week, there's lots of time for adventure, your children are in for a treat.

So why not come and see for yourselves all the children having fun, then if you like what you see, here's what needs to be done..

Contact the office, they know what to do, they'll go through the enrolment process and registration details with you.

Breakfast Session

  • Breakfast Provided
  • 07:40 until Start Of School
  • Regular: £5.75 per session
  • Non-Regular: £6.50 per session

Afterschool Session

  • Snacks Available
  • End of School until 17:45
  • Regular: £12.50 per session
  • Non-Regular: £13.50 per session
  • EYFS Children: £13.30 per session

Holiday Session

  • Snacks Available
  • 08:00 until 17:45
  • Earlybird On-Site: £31.00 per session
  • On-Site: £35.00 per session
  • Earlybird Trip Day: £35.50 per session
  • Trip Day: £38.00 per session

Where to find us