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Contact Information

  • Club Leader

    Chelsie Roslyn

  • Club Mobile

    07732 129842
    (From 14:45 onwards)


The Ringwood Club provides a safe, secure and caring environment for children aged from 4 to 11, from the end of school at 3pm until 5.45pm.

We are based in the new Sports Pavilion at Ringwood Junior School with a walking taxi service offered for the children who attend the local Infants School. There is a selection of toys and games. We have arts and craft activities based on a weekly theme. The children have an opportunity to do cookery activities on most days. There is an opportunity for colouring, painting, competitions, and word searches etc. We have a chill out area and dens where the children can chat and read comics.

A choice of fresh fruit, healthy snacks and different fruit juice drinks are available each day.

The latter part of the session comprises of games/sport and outside play during the warmer and lighter periods of the year. All children are encouraged to take part in team games or individual play.


Breakfast Session

  • Breakfast Provided
  • 07:45 until Start Of School
  • Regular: £5.00 per session
  • Non-Regular: £5.50 per session

After School Session

  • Snacks Available
  • End of School until 17:45
  • Regular : £11.00 per session
  • Non-Regular: £12.00 per session
  • EYFS Children: £11.70 per session

Where to find us